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"OVERRUN THIS TOWN" is a parody of "Run This Town" - originally performed by Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna (c) 2009 Roc Nation / Atlantic Records


Feel it coming in the air
Hear the screams from everywhere
I'm addicted to the Swarm
Start from Hatch straight up to Lair

Got you scared when Hive goes down
Burrowed units underground
Controlled by the Overmind
We'll Overrun This Town tonight


We are, yeah I said we are
This is for the Swarm, baby, pledge your allegiance
Go and get you Creep on, all gray everything
Creep Tumors, Overlords... All gray everything

And I play as green Zerg, rolling with them Banelings
People think that playing Minesweeper is the same thing
We do this for Kerrigan, I’ll explain maybe
But for now, let me get back to my lady

She’s the Queen of the Blades and she got the Swarm’s back
Held a couple All-Ins, 4 or 5 Rax
Yeah I’m talking 5 Gates, 6 Zealots, Charge Zealots, DT's
Back to runnin’ circles around Inca. What up Nestea? (4-0)


It's just a game but it's not fair
You break the rules, and I don't care
Do what I can to get the win
Walkin' tall against Terran

Victory, there's no denial
Almost there, don't give up now
Controlled by the Overmind
We'll Overrun This Town tonight


It's crazy how you can go from playing so slow
To 200 APM with my eyes closed
I bought my whole base on credit no expos
Next time I queue up please no photos

Feeling so pro everybody supports
These be the skills that everybody asked for
This is the Zerg's life, you cannot plan for it
What you think I Drone for, to leave open my back door?

But I know that if I stay expanding
All these noobs only gonna do one thing
I could spend this whole game Expo hunting
Only good gonna come is as good when I'm running

I got a base that'll swallow up ya whole team
And on top (Uh) even more Lings
And I'm beasting on the Creep's speed
Hive finished now, Ultras inc'ing

I give a damn bout the pressure that you do bring
Try to change your expression into raging
Kerrigan's crazy, need to stop the hating
Have you ever expo'd with no army

What's that (ay) baby these meals
Is that a Lair? (what) baby cheese kills
You B'Ling em if they ain't splittin', grab a tissue
Feeling like you're overmatched, now you know how we feel


released June 19, 2011
Produced by: Eric Redondo & Will Baker
Artists: Anna Prosser, TempO & Suspense
Engineers: Will Baker & Brett McTaggart
Video: Matt Bonnar




Underline Entertainment Atlanta, Georgia

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